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Paycheckology is an information project with the purpose of increasing the public's economic education and empowerment.

We're not fancy. Like... at all

News for Regular People,
by Regular People

Our writers have first-hand experience working in manufacturing or grew up in factory-focused towns. We get what life is like for regular people - and we noticed most news really doesn’t.

We’re a Unicorn among Donkeys and Elephants

Democrat, Republican, Taco Party – who cares? Let’s Take Action!

The only side we take when it comes to the news is your side. Instead of pointing political fingers, our news gives you the strongest arguments on both sides of the issues and what you can do about it.

Nine out of ten of our moms think we’re hilarious

Even when the news is heavy, we keep it light.

When we grow up, we want to be like Wall Street Journal… but while it’s drinking Bud Lights on the porch. Our stories give you solid data, but it’s swimming in a vat of dad jokes and glorious puns. Which makes it much more fun to learn the things you and your Paycheck need to know.

We honestly don’t know why you're still reading

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