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Paycheckology in numbers







It all started in a cafe back in 2017

Picture it: a cafe in 2017… Two people are having a chat over coffee when the topic turns to the unfortunate reality that there’s no solid, down-to-earth economic news for regular Joe America.

All the economic news out there is either political spin (“You’re milk costs more and it’s all Bob Politico’s fault!”) or you need to take an economics class to even understand what they’re talking about (“Of course you know you need to calculate your asset turnover ratio prior to investing in xyz. *laughs in advanced degree*”).

Soon, those two coffee drinkers found a Michigander with deer camp humor, a guy dating a girl in Wisconsin, and one of the few people who actually admits to having grown up in Missouri to help build what would become known as Paycheckology.

Oh. Also, there’s some guy from New Jersey on the team. He’s hilarious, so we let him play with our social media.

Anyway, that’s… basically it. We make jokes and talk about economic news like regular people so that regular people can get the actionable economic news they need. And we sell ad space on our newsletters to Made in America brands so we can get paid a little somethin somethin to do what we love!

“Unlike most of the news out there, this is about as unbiased as it gets.” 

Walter Grace