It all started in a cafe back in 2017

Picture it: a cafe in 2017… Two people are having a chat over coffee when the topic turns to the unfortunate reality that there’s no solid, down-to-earth economic news for regular Joe America.

All the economic news out there is either political spin (“Your milk costs more and it’s all Bob Politico’s fault!”) or you need to take an economics class to even understand what they’re talking about (“Of course you know you need to calculate your asset turnover ratio prior to investing in xyz. *laughs in advanced degree*”).

Soon, those two coffee drinkers found a Michigander with deer camp humor, a guy dating a girl in Wisconsin, and one of the few people who actually admits to having grown up in Missouri to help build what would become known as Paycheckology.

Oh. Also, there’s some guy from New Jersey on the team. He’s hilarious, so we let him play with our social media.

Anyway, that’s… basically it. We make jokes and talk about economic news like regular people so that regular people can get the actionable economic news they need. And we sell ad space on our newsletters to Made in America brands so we can get paid a little somethin somethin to do what we love!

Translating the media circus into what matters

We are the team building a community for regular Americans.
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Our Team

Sherie Garcia
Director of Strategic Growth and Smartsassery

Has a fancy degree and lots of marketing experience, but finds she learned everything she needed to know for her job at deer camp. Spends her free time making funny videos about her chickens and children.

Howard Andrews
Head of Content and Dad Jokes

A self-described “adventurous homebody” who, when not working, enjoys both relaxing at home and the great outdoors (especially if it means the children can tire themselves out running around the woods.)

Georganne Benvenuti
Leader of Social Media Team and “Oh Snap!” Moments

Takes her job seriously, but not herself. 15 years industry experience and a sucker for a 'that's what she said' joke.

Jason Baldwin
Writer and Bathroom Humor Specialist

A professional writer with more than 25 years of experience, Jason is a zen master of sarcasm and an endless font of useless pop culture knowledge. He's probably thinking about Robocop right now.

Brandon Carlson
Writer and Resident Voice of Reason

Self-professed Star Wars nerd with 20+ years experience writing for fun.  Loves all things football, KC BBQ, and family (we have 3 kids currently sucking the life -- and money -- out of us).

Andrea Daniell
Writer and Head of Midwestern Memes

Life-long writer and self-proclaimed expert on hors d'oeuvres. Loves a great pun and her family, maybe in that order.

Natalie Fell
Writer and Finances Neeeeeeerd

A writer, a memer, a schemer, and a dreamer. Born, raised, and currently living in the City of Brotherly Love with her husband and rambunctious Pomeranian.

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