What to do When Electricity and Gas is Going to Get More Expensive

What to do When Electricity and Gas is Going to Get More Expensive

The temperature is dropping and energy prices are rising. Aaaaand it doesn’t look like the situation’s going to change any time soon. In fact… It looks like potential pipeline shutdowns, gas/oil shortages, and a lack of energy imports are going to make your electric, and all kinds of gas more expensive this winter.

But don’t worry, we have our Five Fast Facts to help you take action, lower your utility bills, and stay cozy in the process:

⚡🕺It's electric! (Boogie woogie, woogie!) - Do a simple electricity audit in your house. Either call up your energy company and ask them to check which rooms are wasting electricity OR DIY a home energy audit using the US Department of Energy website's instructions.

🌡️⏲️Change your thermostat setting! - Do you really need the house at 70 degrees while you’re away at work or cozied up under your blankets at night? You can save as much as 10% on your heating costs by adjusting your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours per day. If you have a smart thermostat, you can even preset your thermostat to adjust during these hours so you don't forget.

🛀🚿Turn down your water heater - Most folks only need their water heater set at a maximum of 120 degrees, but manufacturers set it to 140… costing you hundreds of dollars a year.  All it takes is a slight turn of the dial that’s likely at the bottom of your water heater and you could save yourself a number of pretty pennies.

🔌🖨️Get unplugged! - Start by turning off lights when you aren't in the room. While lightbulbs consume 4 cents per hour for 40 watts, it can certainly add up over time. Unplugging appliances you aren't using could save you an average of $100 per year.

🧽🍽Use your dishwasher - Gone are the times where handwashing was more energy efficient. Any dishwasher made since 2013 is limited to using 5 gallons of water….on the other hand, it takes anywhere from 9 to 27 gallons of water to hand-wash a load of dishes.

🔥Bottom line: Energy costs (oil, electricity, etc.) are out of our control (and not in a cool way). But what we can control is how much energy we use… and how much of our Paycheck we spend.

And don’t forget that we are the Land of the Free because we are the Home of the Brave! Thank you Veterans!

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