Pro-America Holiday Gift Guide!

Pro-America Holiday Gift Guide!

‘Tis the season to show how much you care by buying stuff for people (because that’s the real meaning of Christmas, right?) But what if, while doing your seasonal shopping, you could also show a little love to good ole ‘Merica?    This one-of-a-kind Christmas guide focuses on buying stuff that’s Made in the USA and with quality that lasts!

🧸👶Gifts for Children - Beautiful handmade wooden toys from Bannor Toys are perfect for the little kiddos in your life. If you need stocking stuffers then check out Crayon Rocks for art supplies or John’s Crazy Socks for some cozy footwear. If the children love to read then check out these books promoting American values like patriotism and hard work or these books about family, fun, and having a good attitude. All the books are great quality and have a message you’ll be happy to share.

👖💼Gifts for Men - All red-blooded American men appreciate home grown goods! You can find great, competitively priced, American-made clothes at Authentically American and Johnson Woolen Mills, affordable, American-crafted wristwatches at VAER watches, handcrafted leather goods at Lifetime Leather Company, and classy (yet durable) luggage and bags from Duluth Pack (made in Minnesota, btw.) If the men in your life prefer cold iron then look to the folks at Goldens Cast Iron for workout equipment, grills, and all things iron. The outdoorsman will appreciate Council Tool and Wilde Tool’s different hatchets, axes, yard tools, and all other types of tools for your resident handyman (made in the USA, of course.)

👗💄Gifts for the Ladies - Winter is a great time to (not pumpkin) spice up the wardrobe with elegant dresses, sweaters, shirts, and tops from Dainty Jewells or handbags made by military spouses from R. Riveter, masterfully made luggage and bags from Frost River, or tote bags & backpacks from Cinda B. If you think the women on your gift list would prefer something to pamper themselves with then try natural skincare products from companies like Averr Aglow, Earthley, Holistic & Hopeful, or Nimi Skincare.

🏠🍳Gifts for the Home - It takes effort to make a house into a home and there’s no better way to spruce up the household than with great gifts of high-quality bakeware and cookware from Lloydpans Kitchenware and Nordic Ware or hand crafted wood furniture and cutting boards from Boniface. If you want something more comfy for the home then try bedding, sheets, towels, & other USA made cotton goods from Red Land Cotton.

🏕️😎Gifts for Outdoors -  Camping equipment, parkas, lawn games, and tasty treats make great outdoor gifts! Check out sleeping bags, tents, and all kinds of outdoor gear from American companies like Warmlife, Seek Outside, Hummingbird Hammocks, and Pelican Products. Dress up for the great outdoors with clothes from Wintergreen Northernwear and munch on snacks from Backpacker’s Pantry. They got freeze-dried camping and wilderness meals for your time away from civilization. While you're outside you can also try out fun games from Kann Jam or Kubb Empire.

🔥Bottom line: December marks a great season for giving and, thankfully, countless American companies still make great products right here in the good old US of A. We hope you like our gift guide and, more importantly, we hope you find some great stuff for your friends and family!

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