2022 “Don’t Do’s”

2022 “Don’t Do’s”

Only ⅓ of people think their finances will be better than “meh” in 2022… But if you resolve to NOT DO the next 5 things… this year is likely to be better than your 2021. 

Here’s the top Paycheck pitfalls you should avoid in 2022: 

  1. 🙅🙉Don’t Take Financial Advice From Broke People - Opinions are a dime a dozen… but if you want more than a dime in your bank account you really need to stop taking advice from your couch-surfing cousin Jerry. Check out these great online financial resources that can help you budget, save money, and tackle debt.
  2. 💔📉Don’t Damage Your Credit Score! - If you want your credit score to be higher than Cheech and Chong, the two most important things you can do are pay your bills on time AND use less than 30% of the credit available to you. Use your credit wisely and it will grow like an herb… or plant… a plant grown by someone with a green thumb… and possibly a record.
  3. 📈😬Don’t Pay High Interest Rates - If you’re stuck with a stinker of a loan, don’t just sit on it. Look into refinancing with a lender who will give you a lower rate or longer repayment plan. If you carry a high credit card balance, look into transferring it to another card offering a lower rate or even zero APR or even start using a Secured Credit Card instead.
  4. 🧾👀Don’t Forget About Irregular Bills! - Make sure to set a reminder for those pesky annual, 6-month, and quarterly bills so that a budget surprise doesn’t become a late credit card payment which becomes extra interest.
  5. 🙈🩲Don’t Get Caught With Your (Paycheck’s) Pants Down! -  Everyone should have a backup plan for when “it” hits the fan, and we’re not talking about a college drinking game. We’re talking about making an estate plan. Do the ugly adulting things… Sign up for life insurance. Get a power of attorney. Make a will. Ya just… never know… ya know?

🔥Bottom line: No more auto-pilot. Time to take these 5 tips and take the wheel of your Paycheck and drive it home through these mixed metaphors AND 2022. 

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