All Aboard Ohio? Amtrak’s New Rail Proposal

Amtrak is about to launch their biggest train expansion in history. There will be $66 billion in funding available but Ohio hasn’t decided to take any of the funding yet. Why not, and what will this mean for Ohio Paychecks?


Here are Five Fast Facts:

  1. 🚄🚩Choo choo - The proposed Amtrak expansion would include new service connecting Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. This could be a huge update considering Columbus hasn’t had rail service since 1979!
  2. 🚇🚆Right on track - Supporters of the rail plan say it would create jobs for Ohioans as well as an estimated $129.6 million in economic impact
  3. 🚅🚧Harder than it steams? - State leaders are cautiously looking into the plan before saying “yes” to the federal cash. They are mostly concerned about the financial cost in the future. Nobody wants “buyer’s remorse” from building massive railways lines and not being able to maintain them.
  4. ⛽🚝What’s the (loco) motive? - The cost of transportation is the second most expensive household cost; it’s estimated you can save around $10,000 using public transportation instead of driving a car everywhere. So, this expansion could be a big benefit to Paychecks looking to save gas and time
  5. 🚂🚦Down the train? - If Ohio doesn’t take this money for the expansion some think it will leave residents stranded as transportation prices continue to increase for all commuters.

🔥Bottom line: With Amtrak adding new railroad lines, getting around would be much easier. Plus, more trains provide better services and easier transportation and they can lower emissions by 75%. But state leaders have to decide if this is the right choice not only now but in the future, too.

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