As COVID Begins to Ease, Restrictions Lift (But So Do Protections)

The COVID related National Public Health Emergency ends in July (we’re all ready to say, “Bye Felicia!”)

So, now that the pandemic is almost “officially” over in Michigan, what’s gonna happen to all those extra bennies that came along with it? We’re talking specifically about statewide guaranteed Medicaid. 

Here’s Five Fast Facts:

  1. 💸Big Medicaid coverage costs Big money - Michigan enrolled an estimated 600,000 additional people in Medicaid during the pandemic and that cost the state $50 million a month. That’s a lot of dough. 
  2. 😱Summer chills - States are looking at how to pare down extra costs and dropping anyone from their Medicaid programs may help them do it. 
  3. 📞Got benefits? The Michigan department of health and human services will be reaching out to current Medicaid recipients (all of them) in the coming weeks to begin the re-enrollment process. Agents will largely communicate via text. Didn’t give the state your digits? That’s okay; they’ll track you down via the MiBridges portal, or with a letter. Remember snail mail?
  4. 👀Don’t let your coverage lapse - The most significant concern is missed re-enrollment. So watch for that text message. Log into your MiBridge account, or talk to your plan provider. 
  5. 💥More Money, Less Medicaid - Outside of missing re-enrollment, the reason someone may be dropped from the program is income level. In Michigan, you need to have income at or below 133% of the federal poverty level – which is about $17,000 for a single person or about $35,000 for a family of four.

🔥Bottom line: The pandemic brought lots of unexpected twists and turns (working in our pajamas being among them) - but don’t let your medical insurance lapsing become next season’s biggest thriller. Watch for re-enrollment information from the state and get your coverage on – or rather, continued. 

Have you seen a re-enrollment letter already?

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