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😱Cyberattacks have risen 600% in the last year because we’re now doing so much more online. Not only that, but 64% of Americans have had their information involved in a data breach at some time. So, how do you protect your personal info online?

Here’s Five Fast Facts about how to protect your data:

  1. 🔍👀Check up on your info - You’ll want to know whether or not any of your data has been stolen. Start by checking websites that report if your email or phone number was ever part of a data breach. Once you check you can change passwords or listen to some comfort music.
  2. 🔑🤔Change your passwords - After checking your info you'll probably see an account and (hopefully old) password that was already breached! Make sure all passwords are recently updated, and use a password manager going forward. Here’s the top choices for 2022.
  3. 🎣🥸 Don’t get caught by Phishing - If you ever get an email asking for personal information or money, it’s probably a phishing scam. Phishing was the most common type of cybercrime last year. So, if you get a weird email from “Uncle Jim” double check by giving Jim a call before sending any personal information.
  4. 😅🛍️Use “protection” when shopping - Always shop online with your own secure credit cards or payment services (like PayPal) that offer money back guarantees.
  5. 🚨👮🏻‍♂️Report any illegal activity - Be sure to help your fellow internet users by reporting any suspected scams to the Internet Crime Complaint Center or by filing a report on BBB Scam Tracker. You'll be glad to know the good guys are on your side! Here's a hysterical video that will make you smile with poetic justice!

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