Big Money For Michigan Daycare Providers

A second round of Child Care Stabilization grants are being given out to daycare providers in Michigan. Every child care provider is eligible, which is pretty sweet, but is this good for Michigan Paychecks? 

Here are the Five Fast Facts you need to know:

  1. 😩😁 Much needed relief!!! - Nearly 60% of Michigan Families depend on two incomes. So, without good childcare, everything falls apart faster than a toddler playing with legos. 
  2. 👼🚼 Working moms need help. - 275,000 women left the workforce during the pandemic and many haven’t returned. The reason: no one to help with the children. And moms who want to return to work haven’t been able to due to a lack of good childcare.
  3. 👍🤑 Most politicians are in agreement - Basically everyone in the Michigan State government supported the hand out. However, rising gas prices are affecting commutes everywhere, and the national debt only goes up every time the government gives out more money. So, some are still concerned this is just a temporary fix to a bigger problem: families struggling to pay the bills.
  4. 💻💰 Back to work! - The good news: more childcare will allow more women to enter the workforce and bring home the bacon. And as we recall, Mitten State moms considered the lack of childcare a big crisis when the pandemic started.
  5. 👪💸 More options = Better - We’ve seen an uptick in homeschooling and hybrid schooling (home plus virtual) and this alone gave working parents more options to help balance family life and career. So, an increase in funding to daycare providers should only add to the good choices parents have when looking for ways to care for their children.

🔥Bottom Line: More daycare funds + more working parents = better economy. Communities succeed when there’s solid childcare options. And if you’re a daycare worker, sign up now and you can get a $1,000 bonus! 

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