Coming Soon: 700 New Jobs for Michiganders

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently announced that a series of construction projects have gotten the green light – which could mean hundreds of new jobs.


Here’s Five Fast Facts You Need to Know…… :


  1. 🟢 Green light means go - The Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) gave several big construction projects around the state the green light last month and groundbreaking will begin soon at sites across the state. These projects are expected to generate up to 700 good-paying jobs. 
  2. 🚗 Motor city suburbs - The largest chunk of the $330 million in projects will go toward knocking down the old GM-Warren transmission plant. Redeveloping that site will create 600 jobs. Don’t ask us for which company though - they don’t know yet. 
  3. 🔩 Need something more concrete? Well, it’s not concrete, but how about metal? Hydro Aluminum Metals will be building a new plant - so if you live in Cassopolis, keep an eye out. This new location will be looking for 67 people to join the team. 
  4. 🐮 Don’t live in the area? Yeah, okay - Cassopolis isn’t exactly Metro-Detroit. But the good news for city-dwellers is that projects in Adrian, Rochester Hills, and Detroit have also been approved and will create around 200 jobs. 
  5. 💪 It’s a trend - The employment situation in Michigan right now is neither the best nor the worst. The unemployment rate today is 4.4%, and the national rate is 3.6%. The hope is that these newly funded projects will be the boost Michigan needs to beat the pants off the national average like it’s the Ohio State football team. 

🔥Bottom line: These projects mean more good-paying jobs are coming to Michigan, and that’s great. Now we need Big Gretch to fix those damn roads like she promised, so we can safely get to those jobs!

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