Detroit to Host 2024 NFL Draft

Detroit knows how to party. We’re no stranger to hosting Super Bowls and other NFL events; we’re just not used to playing in them.

But that’s okay. Every year is a new chance for it to be “our year”. And in 2024, it will be our year – to host the draft anyway. Some say the economic impact will be huge. But what does it mean for your paycheck?


Here’s Five Fast Facts :

  1. 💲💲 Making it Rain- Cities that have hosted the draft in recent years call it an economic windfall. The visitors bureau of Philadelphia said the draft created a $94 million economic impact in 2017 and Dallas says it raked in close to $125 million when they hosted the draft in 2018.
  2. ⛈⛈ Will it Rain Cash for Detroit Businesses?? Supporters say that the 3 days of events planned around the draft could bring close to a million people to the city and hundreds of thousands of dollars to local businesses.. There will be vendors of all sorts, fireworks, and live music events (We can’t promise Kid Rock.) 
  3. 👮👮 What’s the Cost? Of course, nothing comes free. There are costs associated with hosting any event this large such as increased police presence and traffic jams which, some say, is worse than missing the playoffs for 30 years (but maybe they are being dramatic.)
  4. ‼‼ What’s In It For Me? Uh, do you like to party? No? Me either. Do you like money? Generally a boost to the Detroit economy is a win for the entire area. Preparing for the big event means more infrastructure updates (ie. construction jobs) and any extra downtown action means an increase in restaurant, service, and retail jobs. 
  5. 🎉🎉Asking for a Second Date  Once the dust settles the hope is Detorit will have put on such a good show that other big events will look to party in the Motor City, too. We’d sure love to host another Super Bowl, wouldn’t we? Maybe we could add a few more footballs to the freeway? (Yes, they’re footballs.)


🔥Bottom line: Detroit is no stranger to taking center stage for big events. As the world reopens, it’s important to showcase all the wonderful things going on here in the Motor City. And bringing close to a million visitors over the course of 3 days? Rock on. 

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