Fewer College Grad Hired This Year? What’s Wrong?

Go to college, they said. That’ll ensure you’ll get a great job, they said. White collar, high tech jobs will always be there, they said.

Respectfully…what do they know?!

If you’re a new grad (or know one), you’re probably thinking, “they don’t know jack,” and there’s a reason for that!!!

Here are Five Fast Facts on fewer grads being hired this year:

  1. 🚫 No, Thanks - According to a survey of 226 employers, about 6% less new grads are being hired this year. Congratulations, graduate…now you’re screwed!
  1. 🔍 In Comparison - New grads are being overlooked in part because of so many layoffs over the last couple of years. This means they’re competing against workers/applicants who already have experience, and that’s a big disadvantage. This is particularly true in computer science, consulting, and finance.
  1. 💻 AI Knowledge - Employers are also expecting different things from new grads. Specifically, the ability to use AI for basic job tasks. That’s right, the thing that allowed them to skate through those college assignments on the down low 😉😉 now becomes a “skill” on the resume.
  1. ⏳ It Takes Time - New grads seeking white collar jobs are taking longer to nail down their first post-college jobs. Last year, over a third of them had jobs by April; this year, it’s under 25%. But hey, as long as you’re living at home in your parents’ basement, is it really that bad to take a bit longer?
  1. 🎯 What To Do - If you’re one of these new grads, the experts are suggesting you use a “scalpel and not a machete.” Make connections with people you know (and the people they know), create job-specific applications and cover letters, and follow up regularly after interviews. For many employers, it’s more about fit in the work culture than skill set.

🔥Bottom line: With the market being flush with workers, it’s a good thing for employers…but not so much for new grads. There are fewer jobs out there, they’re being taken by workers with more experience, and there are new expectations to handle. It all adds up as a tough environment for finding that elusive first job out of college.

What’s your best job-finding advice for new grades?

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