Five Great Vacation Locations In Nebraska

With all the distressing talk of inflation and wars and such, it’s more important than ever to get away and recharge your batteries. But how do you vacay that without breaking the bank? Well, my vacation-seeking friend, read on for Five Fast Facts Locations for a great vacation in Nebraska without taking out a second mortgage!

  1. 🏖️Lake McConaughy - If you love water activities, “Lake Mac” is for you! A man-made reservoir with 100 miles of white sand shoreline, you’ll find all kinds of stuff to do here: boating, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing, scuba diving, and camping. It’s not just for summer, though. In colder months you can try your hand at ice-fishing or hunting. We don’t recommend the polar bear challenge in January, though!
  2. 🐘Omaha - If you fancy a more urban experience, check out Omaha. The world-class Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium provides a top notch experience for both adults and kids. There are lots of affordable (but really nice!) hotels and restaurant options like the New Victorian Inn & Suites Omaha. If you’re there in June, check out the College World Series. It’s a real hit!
  3. 🏙️Lincoln - Another great city option is the state’s capital, Lincoln. Tons of great restaurants and reasonably priced hotels make this a great option for families. To entertain those kiddos, check out admission-free attractions like the Sunken Gardens or Pioneers Park. The Lincoln Children’s Museum isn’t free but has a vast array of exhibits to educate kids (and run the energy out of them).
  4. 🏞️Niobrara National Scenic River / Ponca State Park - More interested in the great outdoors? Check out the Niobrara National Scenic River Park or Ponca State Park. Both are chock full of incredible scenery, river activities like kayaking or canoeing, and more hiking and nature watching than you can shake a pair of binoculars at! Pro tip: check out the awesome waterfalls!
  5. 🏩Lied Lodge - For a more romantic getaway, the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City is a terrific option. It’s got all the comforts of a luxury hotel, including a spa and Olympic-sized pool (and a separate pool for kids). Stunning views and delicious on-site food options make this a must-stay location! It’s likely the most expensive destination on this list, but it’s nothing like you’d pay for this experience in a big city!

🔥Bottom line: Nebraska is more than just flatness and cornfields. We’ve got city fun, country relaxation, and incredible scenery everywhere. Great food, great activities, and great people make it easy to go just about anywhere in the state. So, fire up the Google, pick your favorite things, and get going - we’re confident you’ll love it, and your Paycheck won’t hate it, either!

Where are you vacationing next?

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