Generic Groceries Are Trendy! Tips to Stretch Your Grocery Budget

In order to keep up with inflation a bunch of big name brands revealed they've had to raise prices between 7% and 30%! We’re talking about household names like Kraft and Pepsi going up in price faster than a SpaceX rocket 🚀

The reason: Inflation (of course). Now that brand name foods just got a lot more...bougie 💃 people are looking for an alternative.  A recent survey reported that over 80% of folks were staying away from big name brands and choosing generic items instead.


Here’s how to steer clear of overpriced celeb groceries with Five Fast Facts: 

1. ✂ Coupon Club - Don't forget those digital coupons! Millenials have been leading the way in the coupon craze, with 82% saying they used one in their latest shopping trip. 

2.🚩 Costco Caution - Buying in bulk doesn't always save you money, especially on perishable food items. Compare prices before you splurge on a pallet. You will regret having dozens of discount bananas collecting flies on your kitchen counter, trust us! 

3.🐪 Hump Day - Shop on Wednesdays for big savings. Midweek is when grocery stores restock shelves and markdown what didn't sell from the week before.

4.🔪 Chop It Yourself - Avoid buying pre-cut and pre-packaged fruits and veggies. The markup on these products is sky-high.

5. 🍔Eat First - Never go to the store hungry! Fuel up before shopping to avoid impulse purchases, like that bougie box of brand-name cookies. 

🔥Bottom line: Surfing the waves of food price inflation is no fun, but there are ways to beat the system. With a little extra planning and awareness, it's possible to keep your tummy *and your wallet* full and happy. 

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