Have a Cow: Milk Prices on the Rise as Production Falls

Much like everything else, milk is getting more and more expensive. Most Americans see the price tag and grumble. But here in Dairyland, we’ve seen the writing on the wall just by driving through rural areas.

Here’s Five Fast Facts on Milk Pricing:

  1. 📊🐄Have You Herd? - Herd numbers in Wisconsin continue to shrink. From 2014 and the start of this year, the number of dairy herds dropped by over one third
  2. 🤠💸Smaller Going to Bigger - But wait! The number of cows has stayed the same, meaning smaller farmers are selling to larger operations and calling it quits.
  3. 🔗💰Yep, the Supply Chain - Experts are pointing to higher costs for feed, labor and international tariffs as major factors. Oh, and something in Ukraine.  
  4. 📈📉Skim Numbers - USDA data shows that production is down 1.2 billion pounds from last year. That’s nothing to moo at.
  5. 🧀🧀So Cheesy - All hope is not lost, though. Dairy farmers are switching their focus to cheese which sees a larger ROI.

🔥Bottom line: It looks like we’re going to be paying more for milk for the foreseeable future and those prices may never come back down. We’ll also see more fancy artisanal cheeses popping up in grocery stores.

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