Heading Back to the Workforce? A Returnship Could Be a Game-Changer

Returnship? Is that what the aliens are coming to take us away in?! 🛸👽

Although returnships aren't spacecraft, they can transport you back into the workforce if you've been out for a while. 🧑‍🔧 Returnships are basically internships that help adults get back into the job game. Bonus: many of them are paid, and some even offer benefits. 💸 Most importantly, returnships help knock the dust off your resume and bring you up to speed in today's work environments.

A new survey asked people to share their thoughts and we've got the details. 📋


Here’s Five Fast Facts on returnships and restarting your career:

  1. 🧈 Smooth Like Butter - People seek out returnships for a bunch of reasons, mainly for the smooth transition they offer. According to the survey results, people like returnships for the paycheck (68%), the chance to update their skills (48%), and to work in a supportive environment (39%).
  1. 👯 Did We Just Become Best Friends? - Most of those surveyed (75%) also say they make their friends at work. The data also shows 30% go in on returnships for the social interactions, and 29% do it for the networking benefits. Those connections come in handy when you're ready to make your next move.
  1. 🌞 Positive Vibes Only - Meaningful work gives us all the good feels and vibes. The majority of those surveyed (94%) say returnships work wonders on mental health and 97% say they provide a confidence boost.
  1. 🤑 Show Me the Paycheck - Unlike many internships, most returnships offer competitive wages. In fact, 76% of those surveyed say they'd only take a paid returnship opportunity and 40% say they need benefits thrown in, too. Only 7% of respondents would take an unpaid returnship.
  1. 📦 Club Amazon - Today, there are more than 160 companies worldwide investing in returnships. Amazon's 16-week paid returnship is benefit-eligible and it gives participants work assignments that help them rejoin the workforce. Qualified candidates may also be offered full-time employment afterwards.

🔥Bottom line: No one likes getting thrown to the wolves, especially when it comes to jobs and careers. 🐺 Returnships are a great way to ease back into the workforce while earning a paycheck along the way. Want more hot takes on reentering the workforce? Check out this article on Boomer-friendly jobs.

Heading back to work after taking a time out?

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