“Helmets to Hardhats” Wins Grant to Put Vets to Work in MI

Serving your country is the ultimate sacrifice – but what happens when the tour is over? One Michigan non-profit is helping to answer that question and put veterans to work. 


Here’s Five Fast Facts …… :

  1. 💹 Unemployment woes - Back in 2020 (can you even remember that long ago!?) Michigan had the highest unemployment rate of military veterans in the country. That’s obviously not an honor we wanted, so what is being done to help our military community? 
  2. 👷 Helmets to Hardhats - Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently announced a $250k grant to help veterans connect with jobs in the construction industry. (Ahh, we get it now, helmets to hardhats…) 
  3. 🔧 Training and more - The money from this grant will provide training to retired military personnel who want to pursue careers in construction. It will also put them on an apprenticeship path toward high-paying jobs with partner companies.
  4. 💪 Fix those dang roads - This is good for veterans and good for the state (and the rest of us that have to navigate the appalling roads). The timing is excellent, too – we’ll be putting more people into construction jobs right as federal “build back better” money is being distributed. Hopefully, this will put Michigan in a good spot to fix some of its serious infrastructure issues. 
  5. 👍 If you build it - Reaching more veterans will help change more lives, and that’s the ultimate goal of Helmets to Hardhats. Providing veterans with paid training and apprenticeships strengthens the economy – but more importantly, it gives back to those who have given so much of themselves for this country. 

🔥Bottom line: Our military veterans give so much of themselves to protect this country and our values. It’s about time the country gave them something back – and a job is a good place to start.  

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