Hey you, Put that Spring Fever on ICE!!!

Baby, it’s booger-freezing weather out there. But just because you’re looking forward to spring doesn’t mean you should spend more of your Paycheck than you need to (especially with the rising cost of heating your home!)

Here’s five things you can (or shouldn’t) do this month if you want to keep more of that pay in your pocket:

  1. 🧥👍DO Buy winter coats and toys now. If it’s looking like you’ll need a new coat, boots, or any other winter gear for this or next year (6-person toboggan anyone?)... well right now, all those things are on a clear-the-rack kind of clearance at your local store. Kids winter clothes, which can be particularly expensive, are both lightly used and lightly priced at thrift stores.
  2. 🧳👎DON’T Buy luggage, patio furniture, or mattresses right now. Between spring break, spring dreams, and perhaps seasonal affective disorder… those are all at their most expensive.
  3. 📦🚮DO Sell or Donate yer junk - You know what they say: the early bird gets to get rid of great aunt Mable's ceramic cow collection. Get your stuff sold or donated before everyone else starts spring cleaning and a) the price for your stuff is driven down (supply and demand anyone?) or b) thrift stores stop accepting donations.
  4. ⏳💵Do Be Patient. It literally Pays off - If you can, wait until mid- to late-summer to buy those extra summer clothes, bathing suits, that pool you’ve always wanted (just blow it up next year. It’ll keep!) and you can expect a steep, steep discount.
  5. 🏗🏚️House Repairs are Cheaper - Roofing, AC system replacement, you name it. Most of these things are actually cheaper to do in winter!

🔥Bottom line: Don’t follow the herd… focus on things that are “off-season” to get the best deals!

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