Historic Investment In Omaha Area

Good government should benefit its citizens, right? Well, it seems our elected leaders are doing some good work in the Omaha area!


Here are Five Fast Facts about the recent historic economic investment in Omaha:

  1. 💰💰How much?! Last week Governor Ricketts signed a bill to invest over $300 million in the Omaha area. You gotta’ spend money to make money, right?
  2. 🏠💼What’s it for? The initiative will make housing more affordable, provide small business assistance and job training, and create business development in the area. Yes, please!
  3. 🧑‍🔬Details, please! One example is Pacific Engineering, a defense contractor. They currently have around 30 employees, but will now expand to over 100 high tech jobs paying “north of $50,000.” 
  4. ⏱️It starts NOW - But why wait for a good thing? PEI is looking to the future with the expansion, but they’re starting right now by leasing a new facility to begin training people in the next few months.
  5. 📈What’s the impact? Overall, the investment should result in $4 billion of economic activity in the Omaha area. We’ll take that return on investment!

🔥Bottom line: This sounds like good news all around! More new jobs means more new Paychecks, and high tech jobs make those Paychecks higher. The resulting economic boom should benefit everyone from top to bottom. Seems like this is good government at work.

Would you agree, or do you have other thoughts about it?

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