How Long Winters & Rising Gas Prices Can Affect Your Wallet

Whether you blame it on the weatherman, the groundhog, or the President… we’re expecting winter to only make gas prices higher. 

We’ve apparently got another six weeks of winter to add to the woes of gas prices being 58% higher than last year!

Here’s the five things you need to know about it:

  1. 🛢️📈Some hand-me-downs really suck This is mostly 2021’s fault. We’re seeing fuel prices averaging   $3.40/gallon nationwide because of increased demand, lowered oil production (thanks Russia and OPEC), changes in regulations (RIP Keystone), increased shut down of refineries, and a whole host of other circumstances beyond our control.
  2. ⚡🔋“Green” Energy Companies are seeing ways to make green ($$$) - Nearly 60% of folks heat their homes with fossil fuels (propane, natural gas, etc.)... but with the cost of those going up22% to 94%, switching everything over to electric (which is only expected cost 6% more) or other “green” energy sources becoming a much easier sell. 
  3. 😤🔌2021’s Paychecks Are NOT Excited  - Regular folks need consistent energy BEFORE they can think about alternatives. A freezing cold winter is no time to be wondering why there’s a bunch of seemingly unexplained bureaucratic hold ups to our oil production
  4. 🏠💵How you can Save at Home this Winter - Lower the heat and wear a sweater.Block up drafts around windows and doors. Change your furnace filter. Switch that ceiling fan to “winter mode” (the little switch on the side). Open those drapes to let the sun in… and if the sun isn’t shining or it’s nighttime - close them! 
  5. ⛽👀Save at the pump  - Try a free app like GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas stations near you. For added savings, fill up using a rewards card that earns points or cash back on gas purchases. Give that lead foot a break - it costs about y $0.23 extra per gallon for every 5 mph you drive over 50mph. Take that extra weight out of your trunk - removing an extra 100 pounds stored in your vehicle will improve your miles per gallon by about 1%.

🔥Bottom line: Energy prices are about as hard to predict as the weather (unless you're a cute Groundhop from PA, of course.) So, do everything you can to prepare yourself for rising prices and dropping temperatures.

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