Is Google Good For Nebraska?

Last week, Google announced it would be expanding in Nebraska. Is this a good thing for Nebraska? Paychecks want to know!


Here are Five Fast Facts about Google’s investments in Nebraska:

  1. 🤑Over $1.3 BILLION - Google will invest at least $750 million in its Omaha data center complex. This is on top of the $600 million it invested here in 2019. 
  2. 💾Third wheelin’ it! Google already has two data centers in the Omaha area. Apparently three is not a crowd when it comes to data centers!
  3. 🚧🖥️Bring on the jobs! The complex already employs around 120 people, and this expansion will roughly double that number. The new jobs will include suppliers, tech roles, engineers, and maintenance and security positions. Server farms require lots of babysitters, you know.
  4. 📖📘Greasing the skids - Google will give $100k to Omaha’s future library project. Over the past decade, it has also given more than $4 million to Nebraska nonprofits and schools, or in free search advertising to local organizations (purely out of the goodness of their hearts, no doubt!).
  5. 🙌Politicians take victory lap - Local politicians are, of course, thrilled and excited for the economic boost this will bring to the area and the state. It seems that throwing around big tech money goes a long way in creating unity between the two political parties! #realmiracles

🔥Bottom line: This seems like a big win for Nebraska! There should be 18-24 months of construction jobs and lots of long term high-tech jobs after that. This means lots of new Paychecks, with even more general growth in other local businesses, too.

What do you think of this new development?

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