Is “Work From Home” Ruining Paychecks?

Is “Work From Home” Ruining Paychecks?

Prior to Big Rona hitting the scene, just 6% of people worked exclusively from home…but by May of 2020 that number jumped to a whopping 65% of all American workers! Right now, about 45% of workers do their job either partially or full-time at home

But not everyone is a true believer in the work-from-home revolution. When it comes to remote workers, 44% of executives said that they would prefer to work from the office, while only 17% of remote employees said the same. Bosses think remote work is kinda, y’know, new, hard to control, and unexpected–things that business leaders don’t like very much.

Here’s Five Fast Facts about the benefits of working from home:

  1. 🧑👧Everyone wants to work from home… unless they're young - Only 36% of Gen-Z (aka. wearers of the “Zoomer Perm”) think that working from home is very important. Meanwhile 62% of Boomers who say working from home is “extremely desirable"… even though Boomers are the least likely to work from home.
  2. 🚫🚗Saving drive time - Saving time is the main reason why 91% of those working love it. Instead of driving the average of 27 minutes to a job (one way)... You're just a change of shirt and a few steps from starting the work day! 
  3. 🌴📶Cafe today, beach tomorrow?  -  As long as you got an internet connection and you’re able to git-R-dun you pretty much work from anywhere anywhere with a WiFi connection.
  4. 👙🩲You work best in your underwear- ok… maybe it's not the clothes (or lack thereof)... Studies show that work-from-home employees are 20% to 25% more productive than those in the office. 
  5.  🙈😏Avoiding Annoying coworkers - This comes as no surprise but not everyone at work is a cup of golden sunshine. So, if you work from home you can avoid the most annoying and bothersome coworkers by simply communicating with them only over email… and even silencing their notifications.

🔥Bottom line: There’s benefits and drawbacks to the remote work revolution but it’s pretty clear that working from home has many big wins for regular Paychecks. What do you think? Do you like this trend?

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