Michigan Public Schools to Get a Boost in Cash

Parents in Michigan may still be on cloud nine having their kids back in school face-to-face, but budget woes have been the silent threat lurking in the corner for quite some time. Now the Michigan Senate is finally ready to infuse some much-needed cash into the system - what does it mean for your student (or your taxes)?


Here’s Five Fast Facts …… :

  1. 💲💲 Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all -  Michigan pretty much ranks in the middle when it comes to how much each state spends on its public school students. Taking the 21-spot on the national ranking, we spend $8,700 per kiddo
  2. 💪 Cash Infusion - This week, the Senate approved a 5% increase in that per-student amount. Schools could also get $50 more per kid to fight against covid-learning loss. (Sorry, this is just for the kids - not us. Even if you are still experiencing a covid brain-fog.)
  3. ✂ Is it Enough? It’s not exactly everything Big Gretch asked for, but it’s a start. In total, the bill puts aside $17.8 billion for school aid. What didn’t make the cut was $1 billion for infrastructure improvements. So, no new toilets? 
  4. 🙏 No New Taxes! - This might be the best part – $500 million has been set aside to start a grant program that will prevent the state from raising your property taxes in the name of funding schools. Can I get an Amen!? Or a what-what!?
  5. 🙌 When the Deal is Done - So far this deal looks pretty good, and it might only get better. As the negotiations continue, lawmakers are also hoping to secure funding to add more in-school clinics so that parents don’t also need to volunteer to be the school nurse. 

🔥Bottom line: It’s not the entire enchilada, but it’s a pretty darn good start to fixing the decades-old school funding issues in Michigan. All while NOT raising property taxes. Could this be a rare sighting of a win-win? 

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