More Jobs (And Batman?) In Nebraska

There’s more good news for the Nebraska economy! This time it’s coming from 3M. Let’s take a look at what they’re doing, and how it affects Paychecks in the area.


Here are Five Fast Facts about 3M’s latest contribution to Nebraska’s economic health:

  1. 👣More new jobs! 3M is expanding its plant in Valley, Nebraska. It will invest $58 million to fund an 80,000 square foot expansion and add 50 new jobs at the facility. That’s more feet than there were in the Boston marathon!
  2. 🦇What does 3M do? 3M is the world’s 8th largest company, with over $35 billion in sales. Some describe its focus as “applied sciences,” so it’s pretty much like Wayne Enterprises in real life.
  3. 😷What will they make? This plant produces most of 3M’s personal safety products. In particular, this expansion will increase production of hearing protection products and respiratory PPE equipment used to fight COVID-19. ***BOO COVID***
  4. 👔🛠️What jobs? The new jobs will range from production operators to specialized engineers, so opportunities abound for all!
  5. 🧾How did this happen? This expansion is being done through the ImagiNE Nebraska Program, which gives tax benefits to companies that invest in Nebraska with more and better jobs. If you incentivize it, they will come…🌽🌽

🔥Bottom line: Seems like this has been happening a lot lately in Nebraska. Expansions like this mean more jobs, and with those jobs spread across skill levels, it’s good for all kinds of Paychecks, so we’ll take it!  No Batman sightings yet, but we’re keeping watch…

Anyway, what do you think of this 3M expansion?

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