New Ohio Overtime Law May Affect Your Pay

Collecting overtime pay is about to change for Ohioans who work hourly! (say that three times fast!) 

A new law was just passed that says businesses don’t have to pay overtime for certain activities. How, exactly, will this new law affect Ohio workers?


Here Are Five Fast Facts:

  1. 💰 💵 All about the benjamins, baby - The new law says employees only get overtime when they are clearly asked to do specific tasks by their boss or if they are doing something that is written in their work contract. What’s NOT included are tasks done before or after work that don’t directly have anything to do with your job. 
  2. 🚙🚫Your commute is NOT overtime - These changes come as more and more people are shifting from offices to work-from-home (aka Pajama Shifts) and more people are trying to get compensated for having to go back to the office.
  3. 👎🏼💻 Not everyone is happy - Skeptics are concerned they won’t get paid for all that “gray area” stuff that happens before work or after working hours–activities like long commutes, or checking messages from coworkers on the weekends.
  4. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤑 Better Boundaries - Many workers and bosses get bogged down by OT related conflicts (lawsuits, disagreements, etc.) So, this new law is supposed to regulate those requests by *trying* to clarify the issues in our increasingly complex work environment.
  5. 📧📑 New Law Goes into effect July 2022 - Ohio has been a bit vague in the past about what exactly is considered over time. This new law will help workers understand where they can draw the line between work and home life.

🔥Bottom line: Money doesn’t grow from Buckeye trees, and this law will mean a pay cut for some. But employers will no longer have to pay out for small periods of time beyond their employees set work hours.

Are you yay or nay about less OT pay?

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