New Survey Finds Many Americans Can't Afford Emergency Expenses

What's more of an emergency than an emergency? Not being able to afford it 🚨. A new poll conducted by The Bipartisan Policy Center shows that 30% of Americans don't have an emergency fund for unplanned expenses.


Here’s Five Fast Facts on the state of emergency funds in the US:

  1. 🚌 Struggle Bus: Those most likely to struggle to cover emergency expenses are parents and households with an income of less than $50,000 per year.
  2. 💸 Coming Out of Retirement: 14% of those surveyed said they tapped their retirement savings accounts to pay for unexpected bills.
  3. 🙅 Saving Schmaving: 12% of those polled who made over $100,000 a year said they have no plans to save for emergencies. 
  4. 💡💼 A Potential Solution: The survey asked respondents if they'd be on board with an employer-sponsored emergency savings plan, where money would be contributed straight from their paychecks. 61% said yes.
  5. ❗❗ You Forgot Something: The study only included working Americans. The stats would likely be higher if it included the 40% of unemployed citizens.

🔥Bottom line: The pandemic threw many Americans into financial turmoil. Without additional stimulus checks, many are having trouble affording normal expenses, let alone emergencies. Solutions like employer sponsored savings accounts are a great step in combating financial insecurity.

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