Paved With Good Intentions

Our freeze/thaw cycle creates potholes that are bigger than Kanye’s ego. If you’ve ever hit one with your car, you know how much damage they can do. Avoiding them is tough, but getting them filled is tougher.


Here’s Five Fast Facts About Wisconsin Potholes:

  1. 💰🕳️The Money Pit - Pothole damage costs Wisconsinites an average of $621 per driver a year. That’s like…three tanks of gas!
  2. 🏛️🤼‍♂️You Can’t Fight City Hall - That damage to your car? The DOT ain't paying for it, no matter what.
  3. 🤷📉A Hole In Your Pocket - Gov. Evers’ 2021-2023 budget includes an extra $465 million for roads and highways. His original proposal had almost $2B going toward highway rehab, but that number shrank during a brutal budget process. 
  4. ❄️🧂Will It Ever End? - No. Because of geology. However, some Wisconsin communities are looking at preventative measures, like salt alternatives that lessen the possibility of potholes. Because science.
  5. 📸👀Black Hole Sun - Online portals have made it easier than ever to report potholes. For example, 2,100 potholes have been reported to the Milwaukee DPW this year alone. If you see one, report it!

🔥Bottom line: Potholes, much like Ben Affleck and J-Lo, are an ugly constant. Until new ways are found to deal with them (again: science and/or money) we’re going to have to be smart and careful about how we drive around them.

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