Paycheck Friendly Vacations Tips and Tricks

Paycheck Friendly Vacations Tips and Tricks

Wisconsinites don’t have COVID… they have CABIN FEVER! Nearly 80% of people intend on taking some kind of trip with family or friends this spring or summer! 


Here’s Five Fast Facts on how to save money on that vacation (or save enough and turn it into vacation*s*):

  1. 🌴👛Don’t let the Dream Vacation turn into a Paycheck nightmare - Don’t get caught with your Paycheck-pants down. Use this free  Vacation Budget Calculator while you’re planning that vacay so you don’t accidentally get stuck washing dishes at the resort to pay off your margarita bill. 
  2. 🇺🇸🙂Keep it Local-ish - The good ol’ USA is quite a big country and has nearly every climate or natural phenomenon you would want to see (unless you’re looking to see penguins in the wild)…. It’s also WAY easier on the Paycheck ($ in the bank is also a nice sight to see). In fact, the average vacation to a foreign country is $3538 per person, which is 5x the cost of a trip within the USA!
  3. 🎟️✈️Book Your Flight ASAP - Flights right now are 18% cheaper than they were in 2019, but that’s likely to change quickly. Set up alerts on Google Flights to track prices or sign up on websites like Dollar Flight Club to get alerts on lowest prices at your favorite airport.
  4. 🚫🚗Leave the Rental Car at Home  -  The automobile shortage is hurting the supply of rentals. The price of a rental car is 41% higher now than it was in 2019. So, if you must rent a car, use a website like to compare prices across multiple rental agencies and get the best deal possible.
  5. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👧It’s Better Together! - It may still seem a bit strange to be around other people (thanks COVID), but one of the best ways to save on a vacation is to travel in a group with friends and family. Not only will you split the cost of car rentals and hotels but having a larger group means you can even avoid conventional hotels and rent a whole house instead (read: cheaper per person.) There’s even the option to hire private chefs or book private tours just for your group! 

🔥Bottom line: American Paycheckers work hard and we deserve to play hard, too! So, vacation like you mean it, but also get your budget belt together and keep your swim trunks tied when you’re tubing. 

What are your top tips for having a great (and affordable) vacation? Let us know by connecting with us on Social Media and be sure to share this newsletter with any friends & coworkers!

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