Sports gambling in Ohio is almost ready!

Ohio’s Governor has signed a bill to legalize sports gambling! For most of us the only ‘spread' we care about is on a charcuterie board, but for many sports fans this is LITERALLY a game changer. Will this be all fun and profits or debt and concern?


Here are Five Fast Facts about legalized sports betting in Ohio:

  1. 🏁🏆 Here’s the ‘juice’ - Fans will be able to place bets on both pro and college sports in-person or online starting January 2023. 
  2. 🏈🎾 Wanna bet? - This opens up a huge door for profits to be made in Ohio. Our state is predicted to rake in $900 million in revenue, $12 billion in wagers, and $90 million in state taxes annually within the first three years. That’s bookoo bucks.
  3. 🏇💰 I got five on it - Gambling will now be so accessible that anyone can be ‘teased’ to throw money on a game. Sports teams are betting this will add another level of excitement which would draw in even more fans. In fact, the Buckeyes, Browns, and Bengals have already come out with big support expecting this very thing!!! Gaming websites like FanDuel and DraftKings are also on board.
  4. 🏀🏉 Potential penalty? - Many are concerned that increased accessibility could create or worsen gambling problems. There’s negative feedback coming from folks with gambling issues, and some worry about the effect this could have on their loved ones and communities. Calls to counselors about addiction to sports betting have already gone up for the fifth year in a row and Ohio’s new gambling market will likely make that increase.
  5. ⚾⚽ Next season? - Betting will be ready in time for the NFL season and a new gambling app is already online to teach users how to gamble using free coins until betting with cash goes live.

🔥Bottom line: This will be a huge money maker for the state but access to sports betting could be troublesome by creating or worsening gambling addictions.

Are you a gamblin’ man?

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