Stimulus Surprise: Folks in PA Could Get an Extra $2,000!

And you thought we were done with free money? 💸🆓 In PA, not so fast. Governor Tom Wolf just revealed that he's sitting on about $1.7 billion of uncommitted cash from the American Rescue Plan, and he wants to turn some of that over to residents. 


With gas and grocery prices on the rise, Wolf hopes that an additional $2,000 will give Pennsylvanians an "opportunity to thrive"🙆. 

Here’s Five Fast Facts on the proposed payouts:

  1. 🍰 A Piece of the Pie: Wolf plans on using $500 million of unused cash for this new round of stimulus payments. Checks would go to families with an annual income below $80,000. 
  2. 📜 A Grand Plan: Direct stimulus payouts are just a portion of Wolf's overall proposal. Additional funding will be given to small businesses, low-income renters/homeowners, and PA's healthcare system. 
  3. 🌇 Not Just a PA Thing: Several other states are considering their own additional stimulus packages, like Alaska, Maine, and Georgia. 
  4. ✋🕐 Wait Just a Minute: The proposal might not be a slam-dunk because some lawmakers have reservations, saying that although state revenues look great today, the future is unknown. Plus, there’s no such thing as “free” money and they want to make sure this plan works out for everyone’s benefit.
  5. 🐺 Hungry Like The Wolf: Wolf's term as governor is up at the end of the year and election season is in full swing. So, stay tuned for whether or not other candidates looking to replace Wolf will use the new stimmy to entice voters. 

🔥Bottom line: An extra $2000 would help a ton of people in today's very inflated economy. Opinions are all over the place on whether or not more stimulus cash is a good idea. Keep your eyes peeled on how this pans out, especially in an election year. 

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