Surviving the Dreaded “R” Word

Seems like every new TV show or movie these days begins with a horrible end-of-the-world scenario, and follows the characters as they try to survive. We can’t comment on the likelihood of aliens or zombies visiting you, but a recent report did analyze which states were best equipped to survive the next major economic recession. That’s almost as exciting, so let’s take a look!


Here are Five Fast Facts about surviving the next (economic) apocalypse……:

  1. ❤️‍We’re #1! We’re #1! A financial analysis firm recently declared our very own Nebraska as the state best prepared to survive the next major recession. Thanks for the official love!
  2. 🔁That’s great…but why? Nebraska has the best combination of high government funds, low unemployment and debt, and a strong track record of growth through the last recession. Been there, done that, ready to do it again, thank you very much.
  3. 🤏If you can’t be in Nebraska… then at least get close! No state in the upper Midwest ranked lower than #18. Horseshoes, hand grenades, and proximity to Cornhuskers, amiright?
  4. ✈️Avoid Popular “Destinations” - “Destination” coastal states struggled on this list because of high unemployment and debt levels. In fact, Sun Belt states like Florida (#49), Arizona (#42), and Nevada (#41) are some of the most vulnerable. Vacation there? Yes! Live there? Not during a recession!
  5. 🚀What does this mean for your Paycheck? - Last year, state revenues were up 19%, enabling historic tax relief of $3.4 billion this year, putting up to $718 per household back in our pockets! So, whether you’re into planning for an apocalyptic future or looking for a good situation now, you might consider relocating to Nebraska. Your Paycheck will thank you!

🔥Bottom line: No one knows when the next recession will hit, but right now there are lots of warning signs: huge inflation, interest rate hikes, high oil prices, and political turmoil around the world. In fact, experts are already sounding the recession alarm. So, do you feel like husking some corn, or what? It may not keep zombies away, but it will help shield your Paychecks!

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