The Foxconn and The Furious 7: Faster and Furious-er

We know, we know. You saw Foxconn and thought “What now?” It’s like a bad movie series that never ends. Stuff has happened, though, and it’s worth going over.


Here’s Five Fast Facts About The Latest Foxconn Shenanigans :

  1. 🌊🚰Muddying the Waters - Mount Pleasant spent big bucks to upgrade their water infrastructure. Now, the city is doing what it can to get out of paying the tax bill for the infrastructure upgrades because Foxconn isn’t able  to provide the water treatment plant with 7,000,000 gallons of daily water.
  2. 🌈😋 Good-ish news- Oterra, a natural food coloring company, has agreed to lease one of the empty buildings on the Foxconn campus. So, it won’t be a ghost town of warehouse space after all!
  3. 😤😧 Trustees make a move- To escape accountability, Mount Pleasant’s Board of Trustees made moves and passed a measure to extend their terms another year.
  4. 📖📚He’s did what? Former Foxconn executive Alan Yeung has written a book about the deal saying  the project was successful. Yes, you read that correctly, and, no, the book will not be filed under “fiction.”
  5. 💸💰How much is it costing me? Foxconn has racked up $300 million in tax debt and it’s still growing. When the dust settles, every Wisconsinite will continue to pay for it, with Mount Pleasant getting hit hardest.

🔥Bottom line: At this point, Foxconn is doing everything it can to avoid paying their debt. After they finally sneak off under cover of darkness, you’ll be left with the bill. Other investors will no doubt drop in and scoop up the property for pennies on the dollar. 


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