The State of Michigan Has Jobs, So Where Are the Workers?

As crazy as it sounds, we’re in a job-seeker market right now, meaning there are more job openings than applicants. And don’t get us wrong; having choices is great when it comes to employment – but are these jobs the right jobs? 


Here’s Five Fast Facts …… :

  1. 🚩 Not (only) our problem - This problem isn’t unique to Michigan. Nationwide, there are 11.5 million job openings across the country right now. That’s enough for every job seeker to take two – if you’re the over-achieving type. In which case, go away. One job is enough for me. 
  2. 🎯 Hitting home - In Northern Michigan, there are currently 6,000 jobs open across ten counties, and statewide there are 123,626 jobs presently listed on the Pure Michigan Talent Connect website. 
  3. 🏃 The right jobs? During the Great Resignation, people were leaving their jobs in droves. But one industry, in particular, has taken the biggest hit, and that’s the service industry. Currently, hospitality and leisure businesses have 10.75% of their positions unfilled
  4. 🌮 Wait on me (or not) - People who have left the service industry name things like not having reliable daycare and affordable housing as reasons why they can no longer work in the service industry. (Note for the single job seekers: go name your price. Those tacos aren’t serving themselves and restaurants are getting desperate.)
  5. 🔨 Fixing the Problem - If there is a “problem” here, it doesn’t belong to the job-seeker. Workers leaving their jobs are doing it for better opportunities or they’re taking the time to retrain in other fields. If service and hospitality companies want to fill open positions, they’re going to have to get creative – and that could be another win for job seekers everywhere. 

🔥Bottom line: There are jobs to be had right now, but they’re not necessarily the best jobs for a large portion of the population. So, while many people are retraining and moving on to other types of work, this leaves industries like service and hospitality vulnerable to understaffing.

Have you left the service industry for greener pastures?

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