There are plenty of good reasons to get a new job in 2022!

2022 Will Be The “Great Migration” (to better jobs)

There are plenty of good reasons to get a new job in 2022! Whether you're looking for better pay or you're just not happy with the kind of work you're doing. Now may be the time to get a job that's more satisfying, challenging, or less stressful.

Whatever the case may be, here’s Five Fast Facts about the job market in 2022 and three of the best jobs to consider in the new year: 

  1. 👔🛠️Workers Have the Upper Hand in 2022 - Quick history lesson: The U.S. economy had a record 11.1 million unfilled job openings in the summer of 2021. Right now that number hasn’t really changed; we’ve still got 11 million job openings. As a result, employers are raising wages, lowering barriers to hiring, and improving workplace conditions in order to convince new hires to come on board.
  2. 📂☎️Remote Work is Shifting to Remote Hiring - The good news is that folks living in small towns now have access to better job markets without dealing with relocating or all the craziness of city life. Today more than 45% of employees work remotely (25% full time), which means changing jobs could be as simple as getting a new email address.
  3. 🏡💻 Best Work-From-Home Jobs That Don’t Require College Degree in 2022… That would be Customer Service Rep or Virtual Administrative Assistant. These jobs both pay an average of somewhere between $48-59K per year for full time employees. More and more remote work is leading to (you guessed it) more remote workers! Now’s your chance to take calls in your bathrobe and make a good living doing it!
  4. 🤓📱2022 Is Gonna Be Revenge of the Nerds - Information Technology workers are in high demand right now but what’s different is that increased remote work has increased demand for software and app developers. IT, software, and development jobs normally require a bachelor's degree but companies are also recruiting people who learned to code online. So if you’re thinking about a career change you may want to consider taking some coding classes–it could pay off big time! By the year 2030, the software development field will grow by 22% –– which means over 300k new jobs with a median salary over six figures (cha-ching!)
  5.  👨‍⚕️🏥The Best Jobs in 2022 = Healthcare Workers - It’s no surprise that healthcare is still a great industry for workers. The fact of the matter is that there's a need for at least 500,000 more Registered Nurses by 2027 and good healthcare workers can make a ton of money. Of course, you’ll have to earn a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree (for nursing) along with licenses for certain jobs. But options are plentiful! For example, If you love travel, becoming a travel nurse can mean earning a six-figure income along with signing bonuses. Even your average Nurse Practitioner made a pretty penny as their median pay was almost 112K last year!

🔥Bottom line: Times like this can be great opportunities to make changes. Recent surveys show that about 39% of all workers are looking to make a change in their job during the course of 2022. Are you going to be one of them or do you plan to stay where you are?

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