What the Truck Is Going On?

Seen the hysteria about the current “trucker shortage?” It affects EVERYONE’s Paychecks, grocery bills, and, well, anything you might buy that is a physical object.

But is it a trucker shortage… or just that a bunch of truckers are finding the job is coming up short?  

Here’s Five Fast Facts on the Trucker Non-shortage:

  1. ⏰💰Time is Money - Most drivers are paid per mile. Staff shortages across that nation mean they’re sitting at loading docks with full trucks… NOT making money. 
  2. ⏪⏩They’re Going Local - Drivers are leaving mega-carriers to work for short-haul carriers. Why? They can stay closer to home, spend less time on the road, and, frankly, get treated like human beings.
  3. 🧠🧠Owned? - Once upon a time drivers were being sold the story that independently owning and operating their own truck = freedom. Turns out it’s more mythical than your Uncle Larry’s girlfriend. The expenses of fuel, maintenance, and repairs mean a lot of drivers kiss a lot of their Paycheck goodbye.
  4. 🧒🚸 Start em’ younger - To help stop the shortage, some states want to lower the minimum age for a truck driver from 21 to 18. Which would be great because there’s also a shortage of trucker Tik Tok videos. How else would the zoomers pass the time? *Sweating emoji face*
  5. 🚚🛻Maybe it will lead to more moolah - Walmart is offering drivers up to $110,000 a year (double what others make) in order to attract drivers. Think others will follow suit?

🔥Bottom line: Drivers will continue to leave the industry that they once loved unless carriers adjust their business models and pay plans. Until then, we all (not just truckers) will suffer.

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