WI Grant Helps Business Bounce Back and Move Forward

The days of those crazy government PPP loans are long gone (Remember how even Kanye got government assistance? Like, REALLY?) New programs are taking their place and a great example of a program that’s working is Wisconsin’s Main Street Bounceback Program. It’s helping local businesses and their communities with great success.


Here’s Five Fast Facts About the Main Street Bounceback Program:

  1. 💰💸What is it? - The program gives $10,000 to new or existing businesses and nonprofits that move into vacant buildings in commercial “Main Street” areas.
  2. 🏢🏪How does it work? - The money can be used to pay business expenses of any kind, including leases and mortgages. Over $34M has been awarded
  3. 🏙🌆Everyone wins - Across the state, business both large and small in cities of all sizes in all 72 counties have received grants,
  4. 🚀🚀Is it successful? - So far; so good. The city of West Bend, for example, has really seen a turnaround, with over 40 businesses using the money.
  5. 🚨🚨 What’s the catch?- Demand is higher than a bat’s butt and businesses under 400 sq. ft. are being put on a wait list. They might wind up getting passed over and many are concerned. Whoops.

🔥Bottom line: It’s a big win for the state. Local businesses are getting a massive shot in the arm and people really do want to work. We’re seeing economic growth in a time where people claim there is none!

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