Wisconsin has a $3.8B surplus. Lawmakers fighting over how to spend it.

Good news! Wisconsin will have a surplus of $3.8 billion dollars by the end of 2023’s budget cycle. Except there’s a catch. Governor Evers and Republican lawmakers can’t agree on how it should be spent, going full-on Stone Cold vs.The Rock over this. 

Here’s Five Fast Facts about Wisconsin’s Surplus

  1. ❓⁇Where did it come from? The cash came from increased tax revenue and federal pandemic relief
  2. 👪💸What does Evers want? - He’s suggested giving $150 to every Wisconsinite to help them deal with inflation. Under his plan, a family of four would get $600. The leftovers would go toward education.
  3. 📊📅What does the GOP want? - They want to use the money for tax cuts, saying it is a long-term investment.
  4. ⛔🚫Who gets the final say? Republicans are working to put an amendment on the ballot that, if it passes, takes the decision away from the Governor. You’d vote on that in 2023. 
  5. ✍📆When will this be settled? After next year’s election. You’d then get the cash or those tax cuts at some point in the future, but probably not before 2024. 

🔥Bottom line: While both proposals are solid, they also have their downsides. With the Evers’ plan, the family down the street that won’t stop cranking out kids will get a ton of money, while you could be stuck with 150 bucks (that’s one tank of gas). The tax cuts could take years to happen and you have no say over what they’d look like (or who will actually benefit).

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