WOOF! Shortage of Veterinarians in America

Pandemic puppies were all the rage over the last several years! One in three Americans adopted a pet within the first few months of 2020 🐶

Unfortunately, because of the lockdowns and pandemic, there were also big problems in the veterinary industry

The increased demand for vets has been a little *ruff* on veterinary practices all across the country, leading to burnout and folks leaving the profession in droves. Translation = higher wait times for appointments and higher vet bills 😖

Here’s Five Fast Facts on what's going on:

  1. 🐱 CATastrophic Demand: In 2021, the average number of appointments per vet clinic was 1,021. That's an 11% increase from 2019.
  2. 💩 Beyond Pooped: 1 in 4 vets are quitting every year. By 2030, it's predicted that the US will be short around 15,000.
  3. 🦴That's A Lot of Bones: The increased demand for vets coupled with staff shortages resulted in price hikes for services. The average vet practice saw an 18% increase in revenue compared to 2019.
  4. 🕓 Waiting FURever: In addition to higher vet bills, consumers are waiting longer for services. A typical emergency vet hospital now has a wait time of between two to four hours. It's also not unusual to wait several months for a general wellness appointment.
  5. 💲🐕 Funds for Fido: To ease the burden of higher vet expenses, professionals recommend taking out a pet insurance plan

🔥Bottom line: The vet shortage is causing a huge amount of stress for professionals and pet owners alike. Although it's frustrating to deal with long wait times and bigger bills, have a little patience. Want to help? Consider advocating for more telemedicine for pets or simply leaving a nice review online for your doc.

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