Expensive Equation: WI College Financial Support Drops Drastically

College is expensive. It’s even more expensive for Wisconsin students who need financial aid. A recent study shows that aid isn’t covering much of anything at this point.

Here’s Five Fast Facts on Wisconsin Student Loans:

  1. 📉📉Long Division - Support for financial aid programs in the state has dropped off drastically in the past 10 years. Not so strangely, a decrease in enrollment aligns with that trend. 
  2. 💰👎Simple Math - The state is only giving out an average of $541 per student, which is 44.8% less than the national average of $980. 
  3. ⏬⏬Easy Subtraction - The data also shows that the State and Federal grants paid for 91% of in-state tuition at UW Madison (Go Badgers!) in 2002, but only 69% (nice) in 2021.
  4. 💸📈Lunch Money - Out-of-pocket expenses have shot up, too, going from $3,500 to almost $9,000 which in no way matches inflation  
  5. 🧊🧊Ice Cold - In February, Gov. Evers announced a two-year tuition freeze using $25 million to keep it in place.

🔥Bottom line: A tuition freeze is a temporary solution. Once it thaws, the problems will still be there. Experts can suggest all kinds of solutions, but it’s always going to come down to money. If only there was a surplus that could be used to help

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