Hundreds of CUNA Employees Go On Strike

Around 450 workers have gone on strike due to a contract dispute with CUNA Mutual Group in Madison. That seems pretty intense. So what’s the issue?


Here’s Five Fast Facts About the CUNA Strike:

  1. 📅 Who-A? - CUNA Mutual Group, AKA TrueStage, is a mutual insurance company that sells commercial and consumer insurance and protection products. They’ve been in Madison since 1935.
  2. 🏏 Strike? - CUNA employees in the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 39 began the strike over health care, retirement plans, remote work conditions, benefits, and job security. They also claim the union steward was fired illegally. It’s the first strike in company history.
  3. 🫱🏽‍🫲 We Tried - CUNA reps say they’ve offered a proposal that maintains retirement benefits for current employees, remote work with a stipend, and an immediate pay increase of a “double digit” percentage. CUNA requested federal mediation and met with the union three times, but could not reach an agreement.
  4. 🎰 Lucky Seven - OPEIU 39 has actually filed seven claims against CUNA in 2023. Leadership says the claims are a response to violations of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).
  5. ♟️ Strategery - OPEIU making the strike about unfair labor practices could be a strategic move to keep their workers from losing their jobs. Under the NLRA, that kind of strike gives workers more legal protection over strikes about economic conditions.

🔥Bottom line: CUNA has a long history in Madison. Hopefully both sides will come to an agreement quickly instead of allowing things to get super ugly (like the CNH Strike did last year).

What do you think of the strike?

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