Free College For Nebraska Students!

A college degree is important for getting a good job. Unfortunately, college is EXPENSIVE! Thankfully, Nebraska is once again leading the way in making college more affordable.


Here are Five Fast Facts about Nebraska’s new college benefit:

  1. 🎓Really? Free college?! Nebraska Governor Ricketts announced a new benefit for state employees allowing their kids to attend community college for free. Sign me up!
  2. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Who gets it? There are about 16,000 state employees. This perk could benefit up to 1,000 of their kids in the first year alone. 
  3. ⌛When do they get it? Eligible students have to enroll by age 25 and graduate by age 27 in order to be reimbursed. If you haven’t done it by then, you’re just not going to.
  4. 💰What’s the cost? At an average cost of $15k per year for community college, this will mean an overall price tag of about $1 million per year. Colleges will offer a 25% discount and the remaining 75% would be covered by the state. But don’t worry, the state’s got the extra cash!
  5. 🧑‍💼Why are we doing this? The purpose of this program is to increase the local workforce, and 90% of Nebraska community college graduates remain in the state to work. Dance with the one who brung ya’!

🔥Bottom line: It’s hard to see bad news here! Yeah, it’s a pretty big chunk of tax money, but the state can afford it. Providing college for thousands of local students is going to help fill local jobs (like data center jobs!) with new workers who want to stay here and make Nebraska better, and that means happy Paychecks! Seems pretty win-win, right?

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